Kings' Games is a small one man company in Northern California bringing you high quality table top gaming experiences. My name is Alexander King, and I wanted to turn my passion of all sorts of games into something others can enjoy. Currently I am in the final phases of releasing my first flagship product Seize: Guilded Treasures. I am so excited to continue development of my company, and my product. I will be looking for people to join me in the future as we continue to grow while bringing you this wonderous new highly interactive card game to life! Keep your eyes out for more developments on this website!

What is Seize: Guilded Treasures?

A new, interactive, arena battle trading card game developed by Kings' Games. It takes elements of familiar card game mechanics along with new layers of play and exploration. Instead of having characters stagnant in position they instead have specialized movement on a grid to give them lively and interesting interactions. In SEIZE: Guilded Treasures you play as a Guild Leader, and your deck of 60 cards is a representation of your resources in your Warchest to complete the task of defeating the opposing Guild Leader. The way to victory is to reduce the opposing Guild Leader's Warchest Loot amount to zero. How is that done? By defeating opposing mercenaries with a Bounty Cost, or have your Mercenary characters reach other side of the opponents battlefield and 'Plunder' their Warchest. Each Mercenary, Treasure, Ability, Movement, and Attack matter so it's up to you as a player to manage your resources and develop a strategy to wisely to put your opponent out of commission!