SGT's First 1v1 Tournament

SEIZE: Guilded Treasures recently announced our very first IN-PERSON 1v1 tournament and we couldn’t be more excited. In this exclusive article we break down some upcoming details on the Tournament coming April 28th.


SEIZE: Guilded Treasures has had a wonderful start to 2024 and what better way to kick off spring than to host our first tournament? We recently announced our very first in-person tournament in a 1v1 format. Let’s break down some details and dive into what to expect on April 28th. 

SGT’s first Official 1v1 Tournament will be hosted on April 28th 2024 at 1PM PST in Rocklin, California at Fire & Ice Games. SEIZE has found a local home at Fire & Ice so we found this location to be the most appropriate and fitting for any type of player in our community. Sign up details are relatively simple along with a $10 entry fee for anyone that would like to participate. Sign ups are available on all of our social media by sending a message along with the ability to call Fire & Ice to sign up at (916) 655 3959 until the day of the tournament. Prizes are available to each of the top 8 winning players in the tournament along with a special shoutout on all of our social media. 

Official tournament rules will follow the current SGT ruleset along with further details explained on the day of the tournament. If you have any questions please feel free to message any one of our staff members or send us an email. 

Expect more updates soon!

Written By Zomb Slays: